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15 Home Security Gadgets You Should See

Enhance the safety of your home with the latest in home security gadgets showcased in this informative video. Discover 15 innovative home security gadgets that are a must-see for anyone looking to bolster their home security system. From cutting-edge security cameras to advanced home security solutions, these gadgets are designed to provide peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones. Explore the world of home security and discover why experts consider these gadgets among the best in the industry. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking to upgrade your home’s security, this video offers valuable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about securing your home. Don’t miss out on these top home security gadgets that can make a difference in keeping your home safe and secure.

3B Protection

Our assortment of home security products begins and ends outside the house. These walls, built by the 3B Protection Team, may seem unremarkable, but they offer defense against several threats, such as bombs, digging, battering rams, and even 3,000 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. In the simplest design, even the 13-cm-thick panels merge in with the surrounding panels.If you require a more durable barrier. Walls as high as five meters are a possibility. Moreover, 3B Protection guarantees resilience in seismic zones and resistance to winds as high as 290 km/h. Numerous finishing options are available to enhance the look or provide camouflage.


There are many options available for defending homes and other properties, including towers. However, the Paint Cam Team’s solution is special in one way. This is the world’s first paintball-based smart turret security system. When the camera detects motion within 30 meters of the house. With the use of AI algorithms, it can discriminate between people and pets. When it senses an intruder, the system fires paintballs, but not just any paintballs. You can choose ammunition that only leaves a mark when it comes into contact with UV light or that is packed with tear gas. Additionally, the owner of the Paint Cam system may instantly manage the turrets and keep an eye on activity using their smartphone.

Strong Strap

Protection for garbage cans is equally as crucial as a defensive plan. Dogs and rodents could be drawn to an open or overturned dumpster among the many species. Since the US alone discards an estimated 250 million metric tons of trash annually, such activities are very necessary. The manufacturers claim that one strap will deter birds, squirrels, possums, cats, rats, and dogs.In some cases, two belts might even be able to withstand bear encounters. Moreover, this versatile solution is the first that is compatible with garbage cans of different shapes and sizes. But there must be robust walls and an inflexible lid for the straps to work as best they can.

I.Mower Robot

In the interim, the IMOA robot guards are on patrol. The T2000 model may sound different, but it lacks the ability to speak past obstacles and make the famous statement, However, the robot can watch an area up to 360 degrees and swiftly identify trespassers or suspicious activities thanks to its more than 20 sensors, four cameras, and LiDAR. When something goes wrong, the robot promptly notifies its owner and everyone else in its database by emailing them a snapshot along with the notification or by sending notifications directly to their devices. A warning that sounds 120 dB—louder than a rock concert—can also be set off.

Violentum Garage Door

In the movie Cobra, Sylvester Stallone drives a 1950 Ford Mercury that he had previously owned. This company manufactures what it says are the world’s safest garage doors. In the top-tier Violentum 4 Level 8 variant, the door is impervious to C4 explosives, AK-47 and 12-gauge shotgun shots, and a crowbar. Even trying to smash a car into it wouldn’t work. According to reports, the gate can repel criminal attempts for up to an hour, making it incredibly safe. Even the most inept thieves don’t have a lot of free time.


Security technologies are also making waves at big tech gatherings. For instance, the Lockley Visage lock company unveiled their product at CES 2024. It was probably watching the guests with the same interest that they had. Let’s take a closer look at it, though. The main feature of the lock is its binocular facial recognition technology. Assuming it detects your face, the door will open in about 1.5 seconds if you are within 80 cm of it.In the event that there are issues, there are other entries. Via a fingerprint, an RFID tag, a password, or the traditional key-based method. The lock is compatible with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and supports NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Verisure Alarm

Verisure Alarm established its own monitoring center after seeing great success in developing and selling security systems. In an emergency, it only takes 45 seconds to get through to an operator. Verisure Alarm offers a range of choices, such as panic buttons, shock sensors, cameras, and sirens. Take the Zero Vision system, for example. Once it fills a room with smoke, it emits no visibility at all. How would you rob a place if you couldn’t find the way out? Furthermore, people and animals shouldn’t be around smoking. Zero Vision is only 830g in weight and doesn’t require any wires.


Similar efforts are being conducted with the FogU system, which has received approval from law enforcement agencies worldwide. Customers can install it in just 20 minutes due to its simplicity, and it can fill 150 cubic meters with smoke in just 20 seconds.

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent

Is it normal for someone to break into your panel board, switchboard, or other such places without permission? If they run against this Natamo Technologies surprise, they won’t try it again.This company can easily install a full protection system, even in the limited space of a switchboard. Apart from the pepper spray element of the system, other potential options encompass light alarms, sirens, and additional captivating elements. Natamo Technologies provides services to companies in several industries, including railroads and mining. As an intriguing addition, they offer the services of their own investigators and forensic experts.

Security Door

Kevin McAllister from Home Alone is famous for creatively using a TV to menacingly greet intruders with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wonder if the people who make fake TV have ever noticed this in vintage comedies. Their device is a block loaded with diodes that mimics the sound of a TV set in use. The unique flashing leads robbers to believe that someone is home. The most sophisticated type of fake TV is a 40-inch device that can be configured to turn on at sunset and run for a predefined number of hours. It has an integrated speaker that provides high-quality audio.

Door Blockers>

How long do these doors last? The Shure Company, for instance, claims that its steel doors are the safest in the world. It is easier to breach walls than to breach shut-in doors because of how robust they are. The company is also open to making bespoke doors, or castle gates, up to three meters high and two meters wide. Crimsafe Security Systems, subject-matter experts, offers doors with a special mesh known as Tensile Tough 304, which is 26.5% thicker than regular stainless steel. It can withstand blows from bats, knives, and even sledgehammers.

SOLO Pool Alarm

Ornamental Security’s doors just seem weak. Or maybe the man with the hammer was feeling under the weather that particular day. If you’re not ready to shell out the cash for a very strong door just yet, these blockers can help you fortify your defenses. They all serve the same purpose of making it harder for intruders to enter, despite their varied looks. For instance, Sold Secure created a specific bolt fastening for garage doors that performs better on concrete than asphalt. More versatile, the Sabre blocker is compatible with most 3 mm separators.

Ugold Solar Powered Garden Owl

In Beverly Hills Cop 2, Eddie Murphy’s character deftly gained admission to a lavish residence and even had time to enjoy the pool. But these days, he wouldn’t be able to splash around as easily. Anyone can get the Solo system for a just $245. It floats in the water and sends a signal to the owner’s smartphone as soon as someone steps into the pool. If necessary, it can produce a 110 dB siren sound. A single Solo unit, which runs on just two AA batteries, can protect a 6 x 12 meter pool. These owls are meant to scare away wildlife, but at night, they might undoubtedly give picnickers a fright.

Fence Spikes

It’s noteworthy that certain models are equipped with a camera, which allows you to capture intricate images of the spectacular spectacle. The creators have included hooting in addition to their lighting eyes so that they can detect movement using an embedded sensor. Moreover, the sun provides energy for certain owls. You may purchase one of these birds for $53. Weather Defender Premium Garage Door Seal. The spikes are used to prevent creatures from poking their legs through the apertures, such as squirrels and birds. The longest strips on the market, measuring 50 centimeters, offer these spikes. If that’s still not enough, it’s easy to cut each strip into three pieces. Since the spikes on the cactus model are designed to obstruct rather than injure cats, they are particularly helpful against them. Even after that, people say that cats try to fit between the spikes, but they give up and move on after a few unsuccessful attempts. An intuitive garage door guard completes our list. View more posts

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