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Incredible Barriers That Can Stop Anything

Discover the incredible barriers that can stop anything in their tracks! From innovative road technologies to safety barriers, these incredible barriers are designed to keep you safe.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers are necessary to prevent head-on collisions, which are one of the deadliest forms of accidents. Some countries utilize concrete barriers, while others use metal posts. On the other hand, high-speed car crashes involving concrete can also be dangerous.

Soft barriers work well in this circumstance. This is a major development since the car can now sink into spring-loaded cables, releasing kinetic energy into space. Consequently, the car only sustains minor damage, namely bumps and bruises. According to data provided by the project’s creators, there is an astounding 75% decrease in fatalities and major injuries when using these soft barriers. Still, technology that doesn’t harm the car would be amazing.


The military is the source of the technologies we will be discussing. RAID, short for rapid deployment fence, collapses into a single container. Fastening the container to a truck and dragging it over the ground for rapid erection causes the fence to unfurl like a twisting snake. A base and pallets are not required. Although the low fence works well against small guns, it offers minimal protection from air or artillery attacks. But why not shape it into an oval shape and fill the center with a mixture of clay and earth? This structure makes the fence resistant to bomb and ram attacks. The fence remains unbroken, even if a pickup truck drives straight into it at full speed.

Swiftsign & Swiftgate by Versilis

The Canadian company Vasilis, which makes accessories and equipment for road infrastructure, has introduced a novel concept aimed at boosting worker safety.


Installing perimeter security barriers is necessary while undertaking a ten-year construction project. These are not your typical garden fences; these are high-mesh barriers. A tubular frame fastens them to metal fasteners recessed into the wall and supported. One person can move each block, but lifting the complete set of barriers is a better job for a crane. While large construction sites require them, people may neglect them for simpler tasks like roofing.

WING Air Curtain

It is easy to overcome this hurdle, and it is enjoyable as well. We all see comparable fans on a weekly basis in places like theaters, shopping malls, and concert halls that are built for enormous crowds. The same principle applies to cold air.

Global GRAB

Remember the first edition of Need for Speed Most Wanted? When you tried to run, the police had set up roadblocks with their own automobiles, sometimes even expensive jeeps. How wasteful. This barrier made of rubber cable is a more modern and humane method of catching a criminal. The automobile becomes tangled in it like a fly in a spider’s web because it is elastic. At the side of the road are robust, durable supports that hold the cables in place. You have to anticipate the direction that the object will go because you cannot employ it instantly. The next step is to try to surprise the offender. We raise the barrier at the last possible moment.


The lightweight, portable MVB3X barrier is made up of several easily connectable pieces. It can support trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons. The barrier allows the car to slide onto itself. Then it jumps out like a frog and lands squarely behind the front wheels on the subframe or frame. The priority is to save lives, even if it means wrecking the entire underside of the car. Whether applied to asphalt, sand, or soil, it performs dependably. Law enforcement or the military mainly use it, and one can effortlessly pull it aside with just one hand.

McCurdy’s Armor™

During testing, the barrier successfully stopped a pickup truck moving at 48 km/h and a truck moving at 32 km/h, although the vehicles received damage that made them inoperable. On January 5, 2006, military veterans remembered this mobile defense device against gunfire and mortar rounds by calling it McCurdy’s armor. The system is made up of aluminum frames with steel pins holding two-sided armored panels to each other. Its modular design allows you to alter its height, length, and thickness. You can build more walls for complete protection. The windows, which have a bulletproof coating, are open to let in fire. A competent team can set up the entire system in approximately ten minutes.

Geodesign Barriers

Geodesign’s movable structure diverts water away from fields and city streets. Geodesign constructs the structure from metal frames covered in waterproof fabric. This barrier proved to be quite effective in flood-prone areas, such as Myrtle Beach on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, where some people have successfully shielded their homes from water, damp, and mildew. Geo design barriers can be utilized to fully surround cities if desired and financially viable, ensuring that water stays where it belongs.

Pangea Movement

However, the creators of the Pangaea Project decide to disregard their criticism and focus instead on cleaning up the world. To address this, they have constructed special barriers that prevent the passage of waste into small bodies of water.

Archer 1200

Metal nets are secured underneath floats to prevent cans, wrappers, and bags from entering the river and adding to the filth. Two people simply assembled the lightweight construction between trees on different banks, and getting wet during the installation procedure is an insignificant price to pay for such a significant environmental impact. After law enforcement and other government agencies confirmed the reliability of Meridian barriers, the Australian government decided to purchase them.

SABTECH Shallow Road Blocker

These modular barriers come with small wheels for easy transportation on asphalt. Once installed, these modular barriers can stop any type of car. A severe hit to the grille and another under the engine deters would-be burglars. Two or three linked barriers are enough to bring an automobile to a stop. Using them ensures that criminals attempting to disrupt urban or sporting events—like marches, races, parades, and protests—will be foiled. Because of these challenges, engine repair will become less of a concern for criminals. It’s time to discuss more stringent legislation aimed at criminals.

DSC2000 Modular Wedge Barricade

This collapsible barrier, made entirely of metal, positions itself on asphalt. Its hydraulic drive elongates its sharp spine, signaling that an emergency stop is necessary. Even in accident tests, the truck’s cab detaches upon hit and continues to roll. It is equally lethal among mobile systems, the DSC2000. When positioned on the route, this kind of vehicle can easily disable trucks that are traveling at full speed.

Pilomat Automatic Bollards

Although the width, length, and shape of the seven different bollard types that Pylomat offers are different, they are all equally dependable. After undergoing nearly 200,000 rigorous testing cycles, the mechanism has proven its resilience to decades of urban use. Furthermore, the big screen primarily saves spectacular accidents involving bollards. In actuality, people widely acknowledge their longevity. It can survive collisions with objects weighing up to 7 tons at speeds of up to 80 km/h. Hydraulic bollards, designed especially for streetcar lines, do exist, however, they are not common. Streetcars rarely zoom across the city like neon-lit street racers.

Noise Barriers

Noise barriers specialize in soundproof doors, which are useful even outside of apartments. The problem isn’t actually the noisy neighbors. Engines and other machinery generate a great deal more noise in places like factories and garages. The doors have hinges or wheels for side mobility. In an amusing experiment, the company drove a Toyota Supra to its top speed inside a garage to prove that there was no sound outside.

Alean Laser Intrusion Detector

Four pointed eyeballs on the barrier resemble two thin rods. One side emits beams, while the other receives them. When something blocks the beams, the siren rings. You cannot hop over this turnstile because it is designed to be utilized as a closed booth that scans customers from all angles. When it finds illegal items or narcotics, it alerts the user and displays an image of the item.

TiSo HighWay-G Turnstile

Regardless of how hard you attempt to shove them, the doors are designed to withstand a lot of strain. They will close again if you can push them open with a powerful blow. Furthermore, because of the affected-resistant glass that encircles them, it’s nearly impossible to break. Busy places are ideal for these turnstiles. Their rapid sensors, see-through walls that allow for visual contact, and sturdy construction ensure that there is no room for thieves. They should avoid buildings with these kinds of security systems if they wish to avoid ending up in jail. View more posts

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